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Our Services

Public Relations

Earned Media Strategy

See.Spark.Go began as a traditional media relations firm in 2007. With a deep understanding of the media landscape and relationships across the nation, SSG’s leading publicists know how to leverage story, timing and charisma to engage key publications for maximum exposure. Whether you are seeking a boost in local awareness to drive customers to your store or national exposure of your innovative approach to your industry, our team is uniquely prepared to shape your message and bring it to the people who need to hear it most.

  • Editorial Planning Calendar
  • Target Media List
  • Key Messaging + Assets
  • Spokesperson Media Training
  • Media Relations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Reporting + Analytics
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Content Marketing

Owned Media Strategy

Dynamic and compelling content plus proactive and responsive community management are the winning combination for See.Spark.Go’s approach to social media strategy. We start by listening — to you, your audiences and the media landscape your brand inhabits — to develop a consistent tone, key messages that communicate your story and an orchestrated strategy that breaks through the noise. We balance long-term thinking with quick reflexes, using data and social listening to adjust strategy nimbly in real-time. Our authentic and holistic community management builds engaged online audiences, invites new members into the conversation and serves as an extension of your customer service team. We provide regular, in-depth analytics to gauge performance of content and recalibrate to best reach key audiences, build trust and convert brand advocates.

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Platforms + Channel Expertise
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Content Creator Engagement
  • Social Monitoring + Listening
  • Reporting + Analytics
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Digital Advertising

Paid Media Strategy

A comprehensive strategy that drives objectives and accelerates goals is critical in today’s competitive business landscape. See.Spark.Go is uniquely positioned to create strategy that grows your business and expands your reach. Everything we do centers around your story and intersecting it with the right customer or constituent. Whether you are looking to create or manage a Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click strategy, a robust Paid Social Media Plan, develop an Ecomm growth plan or venture into Programmatic and Remarketing Display we can help. Our team has been working in the Digital Strategy field for over 15 years and loves creating strategy that helps grow your business.

  • Digital Audit
  • Campaign Development
  • Budget Allocation
  • Sponsored Content
  • Media Buying
  • Alternative Media
  • Reporting + Analytics
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Web Development

Brand Building for Better Search

Our web development team leverages our understanding of story, content, digital strategy and project management to bolster your brand’s online presence and drive business growth. By developing a strong brand story and understanding your audience’s needs, your goals and what you want them to do, we develop a site map, user experience and strategy that expands your reach, generates leads and increases conversions. Our website development services go beyond promotion; they also focus on building strong brand identities, fostering customer relationships, and analyzing data to optimize performance.

  • Website Design + Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
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Video Production

Narative Storytelling

We partner with you to craft a creative concept, produce efficient photo and video shoots, and deliver functional assets to tell your brand story through a single brand video, series, social clips or ongoing communications. Our compelling video assets are leveraged across a variety of storytelling mediums, whether live events, social media platforms, advertising campaigns, new employee onboarding or training programs and more. A collaborative creative concepting process helps us develop a strategy, campaign and look, tone and feel for all your videos, plan logistics for and creatively direct video shoots, train key spokespeople and produce videos to meet your needs.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Full-scale production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
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Email Marketing

Audience Growth & Nurture

Email marketing delivers nearly $11 billion in revenue a year. Our dual approach of compelling content paired with technical expertise ensures that your audience not only receives, opens and enjoys your emails, but they act. We can develop email programs from scratch or take your campaigns to the next level, helping you connect with your audience by nurturing, informing, engaging or compelling them to action. Our team uses a variety of platforms from HubSpot to Mailchimp to best meet your goals, and provides insightful reporting to ensure we’re moving the needle.

  • Strategy and Editorial Calendar
  • Content Creation and Email Building
  • Segmentation and Personalization
  • Responsive Design
  • A/B Testing + Optimization
  • Analytics + Reporting
  • Compliance and Deliverability
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