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A Statement From Our President,
Brittany Thoms on Current Events

Our Vice President of Digital Strategy, Josh Deyton, and his wife, Sarah, had a baby on February 8, 2020. Prior to that, to have experienced a health pandemic in America, massive economic downturn and a civil rights movement, you would have to be more than 100 years old. Baby Joanna Deyton has lived through all of that in only four short months.

As a nation, we are faced with navigating a new landscape — virtual work, health and safety, more active stances on diversity and inclusion — and we want to do all of those with tremendous care. Care builds trust, and trust is the currency on which we move beyond inequality and toward one another.

At See.Spark.Go, we rally behind our brothers and sisters of color whose voices matter in making our nation and communities better. We don’t want to make empty promises. We want to drive action and change in our industry as a whole. Racial injustice has no place in any industry, company or organization.

We believe that we better serve our communities and clients as a more diversely populated staff and serving Black-owned businesses and brands that are doing great work in the world. We say we tell the best stories in the world, and those stories are not limited to any one group of people.

You can now find our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy on our website. And, to further this conversation, we’ve sought outside, expert counsel; created a DEI initiative that is committed to training, recruiting and tracking our development as a company in this area; and further clarified and defined our internship and hiring process so that we provide excellent results and create lasting relationships with everyone.

Listening & Growing, B

Brittany Thoms

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

See.Spark.Go encourages and values the contribution of people with different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. We believe in creating a culture of trust, and trust can only be built on healthy dialogue, openness and differing opinions that put others ahead of themselves. At See.Spark.Go, we are committed to:

  • Inspiring others to embrace and serve everyone, regardless of their individual differences
  • Treating team members fairly and with respect
  • Establishing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Training team members to be aware of others and creating a culture of inclusivity
  • Providing equal opportunities based on ability, skill set, performance and potential

At See.Spark.Go, we recognize the value of recruiting, selecting and promoting team members with different backgrounds, knowledge, experience and opinions. We are committed to raising awareness of the value diverse voices bring to the table and encourage healthy relationships internally and externally. We are also committed to specifically recruit minority candidates in order to create diverse applicant pools and ensure top-tier talent from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

In summary, diversity and inclusion are especially important to our culture as we continue to build a healthy organization that is focused on strong performance and growth. We believe in serving everyone, and by serving others, we’ll build a culture of trust from which we steward our clients and brands.

Revised June 25, 2020 – JG
Revised Jun 16, 2023 – BT

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