Franchise Group helps catapult emerging franchise brands forward by providing the financial resources, infrastructure and support essential to success in franchising.

The team at Franchise Group is composed of former franchisors, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and operators. We’ve been in your shoes and around the block several times. We understand the unique challenges facing franchise businesses and the strategic ways to navigate them because we’ve experienced them firsthand. We are driven to help our partners maximize the value of their business and reach their goals by infusing our capital and resources into an ownership stake in their company. We believe that we are only successful if our franchisors and franchisees are successful. That is our “True North” and what we strive to exemplify daily with our interactions with each brand and each franchisee.

Our Mission

To seek out and partner with like minded management teams of small to midsize franchise or franchisable businesses and to share our wealth of capital and expertise to build a highly scalable platform for future franchise growth and profitability.

Our Values

We’re Builders at Heart
We’re Builders at Heart
Our entrepreneurial spirit and grit inspires us to seek out new opportunities to build our empire.
We’re Hands On
We’re Hands On
We have a work ethic second to none that drives a winning culture.
We’re Customer Focused
We’re Customer Focused
We work and collaborate with our partners to ensure their success.
We Uphold Integrity & Respect
We Uphold Integrity & Respect
Our decisions are driven by our core principles of Integrity and Respect for our partners and franchisees.
We Put Our Passion Into Play
We Put Our Passion Into Play
We love rolling up our sleeves and building alongside our partners. As they say, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”
We Deliver Results
We Deliver Results
We follow through on our promises. Our success if your success – and we like to win.

Our Focus

Franchise Development
We immerse ourselves in your business to build a business plan and on ramp for your franchise efforts.
Franchising Strategy
We ensure you’re equipped with the capabilities and resources to seamlessly integrate franchising into your existing organizational functionality.
We work with you to build the team and processes necessary for sustained franchise success.
From copywriting to design, we make sure your message is captured and shared with the right audiences so you can sell franchises.
Digital Strategy
We work with you to identify your target audiences and build a customized digital strategy to attract and capture new franchise leads.
Technology & IT
We leverage our partnerships with leading franchise platforms to streamline and maximize your franchise sales and relationship management process.
Real Estate
We help you navigate the nuances of property exchange, development, financing and beyond.
From the essential to the initial and ongoing operations of a franchise, we equip you with the know-how to get your franchise offering up and running.
Our team of financial experts bring the complex knowledge and understanding required to seamlessly purchase and integrate a new business into your organization.

We leverage relationships with advisors, Board of Directors, lenders, strategic partners and other brand partners to help facilitate your success.

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